Travel Health Advice and Vaccinations

When travelling abroad, you might need to have certain vaccinations in order to keep yourself protected from certain diseases.

You will need to book an appointment with our nurses in order to get appropriate travel and vaccination advice, depending on the country of your destination.

We advise you to make an appointment from 6 weeks before you travel, as some vaccinations have a period of time before they can provide the maximum protection.

We also advise you that if you are travelling to a country where Malaria is prevalent, you will be advised to take malaria prophylactic medicines.  Unfortunately most of these are only available as a private prescription and you will be required to pay £10 for each prescription per person.  You will then have to pay in the pharmacy for each tablet (the price will depend on what medicine you will be prescribed as well as the amount of the medicine, as this is calculated according to the length of your trip abroad).

There are also some vaccinations which are not free and you will be asked to pay for them at the time of your appointment.  The following vaccines will need to be paid for:

  • Men ACW&Y – meningitis vaccine £40 per vaccine per person (you will be given a vaccination certificate after the vaccine had been administered which is currently valid for the duration of 5 years)
  • Hep B – hepatitis B vaccination – 3 divided doses over a period of either 2 or 6 months, which is for occupational and travel purposes.

Full table of private charges are on our Private Fees & Charges page.