Repeat prescriptions requests take 2 working days to process by the practice. 

To avoid delay, request up to 7 days before you run out. 

You can order your prescription via Pharmacy, via Patient Access or the NHS App or for items not on repeat, by completing our medication request form.

Paper prescriptions not collected within 3 weeks, will be destroyed and will need to be requested again.

Electronic Repeat Dispensing

A new way to get your regular prescription medicines

If you or someone you care for uses the same medicines regularly, you may be able to benefit from using the NHS Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) service.

How does it work?

Electronic Repeat Dispensing means that your GP will sign a certain number of prescriptions for a specified duration (e.g. 6 months, 12 months) and the supply of these will be managed by your pharmacist when requested by you.

This is different to the ‘repeat prescription services’ as you don’t have to order so frequently. 

Controlled drugs and medicines that you order infrequently or ‘when required’ are not suitable for repeat dispensing so you can continue to order these via online form. 


  • Quicker Process: You won’t have to re-order your medicine from the GP Practice every month or every 2 months. Instead, when you next need your medicines, contact your Pharmacy 5-7 days before and ask them to make up your next repeat dispensing batch.
  • Less likely to run out of medicines: You should never run out of medicines because a batch of prescriptions have already been signed by your GP, available from the Pharmacy
  • Less medicine waste and saves the NHS money: You are still in control if you do not need a medicine that time- tell the Pharmacy what you don’t need and they won’t give it you.
How do I get set up for Repeat Dispensing?

Electronic Repeat Dispensing can be arranged for you in three simple steps:

Step 1

If you received a text message from the practice already, some or all of your medications, wherever suitable, have been already switched to repeat dispensing.

If you don’t have repeat dispensing medications set up yet, contact the practice by phone or by filling medication online form asking if you are suitable for Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD).

If you are suitable for eRD for your regular medicines, your GP will authorise a batch of prescriptions. 

These eRD prescriptions will then be supplied by your pharmacy at regular intervals, and supplied to you when you ask the Pharmacy. We recommend giving them 5-7 days’ notice if possible to allow them to order all the stock in for you in one go.

Step 2

When you need more medicines, go back to your pharmacy. Simply ring or visit your pharmacy and ask for your repeat dispensing prescription. We recommend giving them 5-7 days’ notice.

You can choose any pharmacy that dispenses NHS prescriptions and can change pharmacies during this time if you want to.

Step 3


If you don’t need all of the medicines on your prescription, let the pharmacy staff know, so that they only supply the medicines you need.