Clinics & Services

Our practice offers a range of services and chronic disease monitoring clinics

Child health surveillance – six weeks baby checks are carried out by all of our doctors.  They will ask you some questions and examine your baby to make sure that your baby is healthy.

Immunisations – we follow the latest routine immunisation schedule.  The details of routine, selective  as well as additional immunisation schedules can be viewed  here.

You can view the latest edition of the Guide to babies’ immunisations up to 13 months of age which includes the routine childhood immunisation schedule, including the MenB vaccination that  started in September 2015.

Pre-school immunisations guide (2-5 years of age) offers information on nasal flu programme, revised routine immunisation schedule as well as selective immunisation schedule.

Unfortunately we do not offer BCG vaccination in our practice, however, you can obtain more information regarding BCG vaccination from your health visitor.  You can also learn more about TB and BCG vaccination here