NHS Health Check

The NHS Health Check programme is a mandatory public health service.  It is a national vascular risk assessment and management programme for people aged between 40 – 74 years, in order to reduce cardiovascular disease (CVD).  This programme does not include people who already have a pre-existing CVD or diabetes.

As we get older, we are at risk of developing certain conditions, heart disease and diabetes being the most common.  The NHS Health Check programme is aimed to identify people at an early stage of vascular change and hence, provides early opportunities to help them reduce their future risks, related to CVD and diabetes.

The NHS Health Check is a face to face  consultation between a patient and a health care professional.  It is offered every 5 years to those who are eligible.  It is designed to spot early signs of vascular disease and diabetes, and help prevent these happening.  It includes advice on lifestyle, and in people over 65 years, information on dementia awareness.

The NHS Health Check takes about 15 minutes to complete.  You will be seen by a member of our nursing team who will ask you questions about your heath and lifestyle, physical activity, alcohol intake and smoking status, as well as your family history, as this can increase your risk of CVD and diabetes.  You will have your blood pressure and your weight measured.  You will be asked to provide a small amount of blood which will be taken from your finger (finger prick blood sample) and loaded into a special machine.  This will give us your blood values for cholesterol and sugar in order to identify if you are at risk or not.  If you will be identified as being at risk, you will be referred for further blood test in order to identify the correct management plan for you.  You might be offered statins if your CVD risk proves to be high.

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