What is an online form and how do I submit one?
  •  Choose and click on a relevant to your problem subject (or click General Health Query)
  • You will be asked number of questions that we ask you to read and fill in as fully as possible, as the more information you provide the better advice and help you will receive from the GP
  • Online forms are designed so that you can access range of information without having to contact us by phone
  • Once you provide information requested on the form and submit the form you will be provided with the reference number
  • We will get back to you with the outcome

The following video explains how to do this easily:

What if I have an emergency?
  • If you have an urgent medical problem that requires emergency intervention, you should call 999 or visit nearest A&E.
  • For less urgent enquiries you may call NHS 111 for advice.
  • For non-emergency enquiries you can submit the online triage form via the Appointments Tab
When we are closed…

When the practice is closed (from 6.30pm to 8am on weekdays, at weekends and public holidays) the Online Triage will not be accessible. Any forms submitted outside of practice working hours WILL NOT BE PROCESSED and you will need to resubmit your query during our working hours.

Refer to our Self-Care section or try one of the Self-Referral services – available without the need to see the doctor. 

When practice is closed you can visit your local Pharmacy for a range of services.

For urgent medical problem visit NHS 111 or call 111. 

For life threatening emergencies only call 999

Can you help with the form as it is very confusing? Help with the elderly who don’t have family support filling out an online triage form?
  • We are extremely busy dealing with patients and answering the phones if your health query is non urgent a member of the team will take your details and contact you at a later time to help, support and guide you through the form. 
  • Help is offered to patients who, due to their age, disability of other impairment that can’t access the internet and have no family support.
  • We have a duty of care to all our patients and will give as much support as needed
 Will I get a response straight away after submitting the form and how will you get back to me?
  • Once your form is received, the doctor will triage it accordingly to the information and urgency to your health query, you will then be contacted with the outcome.
  • The response may be provided in the form of a text message or call and may not have to come from the GP.
  • If the doctor decides you need to be seen an appropriate appointment will be arranged for you.
Why can’t I see my doctor?
  • During the Covid-19 we have changed the system so it is more accessible and fair to all patients. Instead of calling you can contact us by filling out an Online Triage form. 
  • The doctor will triage your submitted form. If the doctor decides you need to be seen face to face, an appointment will be offered. However, we offer a range of other services such as the Telephone and Video consultation, respond with photo option and respond with text message option.
Do I have to fill in a form every time I want to request my medication?

No, you do not need to request medication through online triage the other options of requesting your medication are:

  • By contacting your pharmacy, as they  can request your medication on your behalf
  • Through Patient online access – if you do not have patient online access password, you can forward your photo ID to the practice email address, samuel.khan@nhs.net , asking for Login Details for Patient Online Access. Once received and approved you will receive an email of acknowledgement followed by your username and password
  • Through NHS App (anyone over the age of 13 can register for this service)
  • If you do not have access to any of the above an Online Triage request can be submitted
Why I am struggling to get through over the phone?
  • Our phone lines are extremely busy; we are aiming to reduce the calls we receive by directing patients to our online service
  • We are still helping patients who due to their age, disability of other impairment can’t access internet, therefore have to call us. Please help us to free-up the lines for such patients. Filling online form takes less time and helps to reduce the amount of phone calls coming in
  • Many patients still prefer to contact us over the phone for many type of enquiries. Our team works tirelessly to answer all incoming calls; however it can take between 5-15 minutes for some patients to discuss their enquiries. We advise you to avoid calling the practice unless you have no means of accessing the internet
I was on hold for 40 minutes, why is that? No one ever picks up the phone!
  • The practice has installed a new phone line system and identified that during peak times phone lines are very busy and therefore are re-directed to the loop. Our engineers are working on changing this setting. Until this is solved, we ask patients to hang up if they are not answered within 2 minutes. We apologise for this inconvenience
  • During the hours of 8am – 10am the line are extremely busy, we advise patients to contact us through our online triage service, once received we will respond with the appropriate action that needs to be taken
I want a specific Doctor to call me but another doctor called me or OOH doctor called me “I am not happy with this”
  • To keep continuity of care between doctor and patient we will try to allocate your preferred GP but there will be times were this will not be possible due to daily demand with Doctors’ clinics being full/on leave and or on sick leave 
  • If you have specific or a preferred time of contact which is out of our practice working hours or the practice has no available telephone consultation or face 2 face appointments left, you will be contacted and offered an OOH telephone appointment
  • If you are requesting a specific doctor we may not be able to offer you an appointment straight away, depending on the urgency of your query you may have to be booked with one of the other practice doctors. If you can wait a future appointment will be offered
I asked specifically for a telephone consultation but I was sent a text message instead
  • Doctor’s appointments are limited and must be used efficiently. To manage the demand and doctor’s time better, we now offer appointments in accordance to the problem and medical urgency.  The doctor decides on the most appropriate appointment, which may include telephone appointment or doctor’s query.  If you provide enough information and your enquiry can be helped without having to call you, the doctor may action your enquiry and inform you about the outcome via text message or by booking you in with another member of the team
  • We ask patients to respect this system, so all patients can access the GP services
I haven’t heard anything back, how can I get an update with regards to my Online Triage query?
  • Your Online Triage will we processed in the order it was received
  • You will receive a text message or calls from a member of our staff, if you have not heard from us within 2 days of submitting your Online Triage Form and have not received an acknowledgement from the practice, please re-submit another online triage from