Asthma is a common long-term (chronic) condition that affects person’s airways and the way they breathe.  The typical symptoms are usually shortness of breath, wheeze, tightness in chest and cough.  The symptoms can vary from being mild to severe.  As a result, the treatment of asthma depends on each person’s symptoms.  Generally, a person suffering with asthma will be prescribed inhalers.  If their symptoms are very mild, and they require only occasional therapy, they will be given a reliever.  If their symptoms are mild to moderate, they will be prescribed both a preventer (which they will need to take regularly to help prevent the inflammation ) and a reliever (to be used when symptoms flare up).  You can find out more about asthma here.

Every patient who suffers with asthma should be reviewed by either a doctor or a nurse at least once a year.